Conference 2020 -"Positioned for Wellness"

"Letting Go of Our Waterpot" John 4:28-29 

2014 - WOW Sisters' Reflections

"This conference was so worth it. It truly made an impact and a difference in my life."

"This conference was awesome.  It was extremely beneficial and overall relevant."

"Loved every minute of it. Topic and presenters was very informative. I would recommend others to come to the next WOW conference."

"I learned how to handle and look at situations in a mature way. This conference is a bucket full of fresh water and the well will be filled with knowledge and God's word to help me become the woman that God wants me to be-WOW."

"The Lord was truly here and I felt Him. I came to the conference needing to get well and I'm leaving with a renewed mind. Every session, speaker and interaction with my sisters was a blessing. I will be back and I will bring more sisters. "

"WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW. My well is full-don't need a bucket. Hat's off to the host!"

"This was truly a blessing to me, I got so much from this and I praise God for the conference."

"I am overjoyed. I was set free and delivered.  Praise God."

"The conference was excellent, it was good for me spiritually and physically. It was inspiring!"

"The WOW conference was what I needed when I needed it. I am so grateful. I can't wait until next year."

"The WOW conference ministered to the spirit, soul and body. I feel so especially blessed by God to have been able to be here, especially for the Sisterhood of love and exhortation that helped me to be encouraged to go on in my journey, I thank God for all of you. My cup runneth over."

"This conference was awesome. Hospitality and organization was excellent. I've been to Mega Fest, Woman Thou Art Loosed and other women's conferences and I can say this conference although not as massive with thousands of participants it was just as relevant, just as (if not more) spirit filled and definitely MORE ORGANIZED. I will be back with other women from my church in 2016."