Conference 2020 -"Positioned for Wellness"

"Letting Go of Our Waterpot" John 4:28-29 

2017 - WOW Workshop
Sisters' Reflections

"I had an awesome time. I am  getting my index cards out and memorizing my scriptures. What a life changing event and I met some amazing people that I am excited about seeing again and again." 

"It was phenomenal!!!!! My group had an awesome time!!! And the word that each women brought forth was life changing!!"

"Everything that we need God will supply. These Kingdom women shared information with us today that I know God downloaded in them. I walked away with LIFE CHANGING information and new resources through these Women of God. God is so intentional in everything that He does and allows. I am more than appreciative that He allows me In spaces like this where such rich and powerful Word goes forth. Thanking God for Lady Dale Sharpe-Lee! God bless you, my sister. This was truly amazing."

"Words can't express what this did today for me. God brought some challenging things for me today. One thing that I need to do right away is take my cape off. My mother and the other sister I brought with me could only state WOW what an awesome day it was. Thank you to all my sister that shared a piece of themselves to better our lives through the word of God as well as there own experiences may God give back to you all two fold and more. Thanks Lady Dale Sharpe-Lee for you do. God bless and again Thanks."

"WOOOOOOOOW, I got clarity, confirmation, breakthroughs, and deliverance. God used each speaker today to minister to me in areas I thought I was over."

"I prayed this AM before the workshop that the LORD would have His way and that He would speak DIRECTLY to ME!! I prayed that He be GLORIFIED through this workshop and the Ladies speaking would be used by Him to HELP everyone who is feeling discouraged, broken and hurt!! I received confirmation after confirmation after confirmation and RECONFIRMATION about what the LORD will have me to do!!!!! I am on it GOD!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR GRACE AND MERCY!!! ....and while I wish EVERY woman / sister could have been there....THOSE who were....NEEDED to be!!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY for the EXCELLENT things He has done!!!!!! Amen!! ❀ Mom Dale Sharpe-Lee (my new affectionate name for you instead of "beautiful" although implied") THANK YOU for FIRST letting the Holy Spirit use you and SECOND for encouraging me and bringing me along on this JOURNEY called, "WELLNESS"!!!! #gettingwellatthewell WOOOW!!!! ❀"

"What a time what a time, what a time we had in Jesus. I left out the door speechless. I just couldn't wait to tell somebody what I experience today. Thank you God, for sending those angels to speak to us. I came in with a heavy heart and I released that burden. I thank these ladies for sharing information's that I needed to hear. May WOW sister Lady Dale Sharpe-Lee thank you for this journey. I thank God for allowing  me to be around so many inspiring  women. Awesome just Awesome!!"

"It was my esteemed pleasure and honor to fellowship with all of the amazing women who witnessed the move of God on today!! Thank you Dale Sharpe-Lee for allowing me to share in this awesome experience! To God Be The Glory!!!"

"Each time we gather, it becomes more and more obvious that The Hand of God rests firmly on the WOW Women's ministry. Because HE is the superstar and main attraction at every one of these meetings, He continues to show up!!!! I am both humbled and grateful to be a part of what God is using to draw all of us closer to HIM. Spirit AND truth continue to meet up at WOW - which is the perfect formula for deliverance!
Mom Dale Sharpe-Lee, thank you for unselfishly allowing God to use YOUR life's calling to create a safe platform for OUR healing! Ladies, I love you all!!" 

"Ladies I am in the residue of yesterday! To God Be The Glory! It too was a honor and pleasure being part of such an awesome women's fellowship. It was a honor to serve alongside of God's Great Ambassadors πŸ€—πŸ’œ. Sister DaDaDaDale Sharpe-Lee YOU ROCKπŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ™ŒπŸΎ. God Bless You forever more."

"It truly was an awesome experience. And Rev. Harris, what can I say? She did it again!!!!"

"Love you continue to allow God to use you My life is  much more blessed because of you."


" Well....I truly enjoyed the amazing women of God who reminded us that mental health is REAL.  We women need to mindful and remember as caretaker, nurturer, housewives, single mom's.....that we must take care of US.  I love you Dale Sharpe-Lee!!!! Keep doing what God has for you to do."

"It was absolutely awesome! I was truly encouraged as my heart was ministered too!"

"Oooooooh my goodness how the spirit moved! Today is Monday and I am still on such a high. Just been praising my Savior since, as I am starting the process of shedding some of my Superwoman capes! This won't be easy, but I'm learning that I am mot alone on this journey!!!!! Thank you to all of the Ladies on the panel and all of my WOW sisters! Be blessed."

"Words can't explain how the workshop blessed my entire life!!! Dale Sharpe-Lee I keep telling you they see you, God sees you and the work you're doing for the kingdom, for the WOMEN, maaaaaaan it's amazing 😘😘😘😘"

"Saturday was awesome, I was truly ministered to all day and took away some tools to help those in my congregation. I am looking forward to the next time we will all be together again."

"Last week I got an intro to self defense and I cried for a few days thinking of the bad situations I've been in and all the baggage that came with that. I didn't realize it because I am strong when it comes to my workouts, but when I was asked to defend myself, all the insecurities of the "former version of myself" came rushing back. I began to look at my mental state, the things I do, and the way I act because of my past experiences. I can't even explain how badly I needed to hear from the WOW presenters this past weekend to prepare me for today. After two years of saying I need to take a self defense class I finally had my first real session today. The trainer was excellent. He said I'm strong as hell, he could see me doing well in boxing (something I've never thought about) but I'm too nice and don't want to hurt people. He said "you can't always worry about another person when your life is at stake" other words you can't save everyone superwoman! Love you ladies πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™"

"I can only say WOW. The information shared was something that was needed to be said. We as woman no longer needed to  carry this alone. We are all in this together. Stay strong Sister we can and will overcome whatever be sets us."

"I have been spending my last few days sharing and  chewing ON ALL THE  amazing, powerful, DYNAMIC SPEAKERS THAT MINISTERED TO ME AS WELL AS SHARING IT ALL WITH MY OTHER WOMEN OF WELLNESS.  WOW"

"Awesome experience."