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"Letting Go of Our Waterpot" John 4:28-29 


Peace In The Midst Of The Storms

Posted on March 7, 2015 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (41)

By: Kyla Neil, Leader of the Jones Memorial Baptist Church Sisters in Christ Ministry 

Several years ago, a friend and I went on a cruise together. It was our first cruise and we were so excited. While on the cruise, we encountered a storm and you can imagine how nervous we were, out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, with nothing but water around us. As I watched the waves hitting up against the window, all I could envision was a massive wave coming up and overtaking the ship and us sinking. For a moment, my overactive imagination had me seeing the worst possible outcome. Anyway, as frightened as I was, I realized there was nothing that I could do but pray and trust the skill of the ship’s captain to navigate the storm and bring us to safety. In Matthew 8:23-27, we see the disciples encountering the same type of situation. They were in the midst of a storm and became fearful of the possibility of dying. They went and woke Jesus, who had been in the ship sleeping (amazing, huh?), wanting Him to do something about the storm. The first thing he asked was where was their faith, and then with a word spoke the storm into stillness. The thing I found most interesting is that the disciples had the Master with them and they were STILL afraid!!! I mean, He was literally in the ship with them and they still allowed the situation to overtake them. Funny thing, is that we are the same exact way, when we come up against storms in our lives. We’ve seen God pull us through before, but yet and still, when something comes up, we automatically go into panic mode. Although Jesus may not be physically with us, He is within us internally, by way of the Holy Spirit. He intentionally left us with the Comforter, because He knew that we would need help when life’s storms come our way. I encourage us to not be like the disciples, who forgot who they had with them, when the storm arose. Trust the Lord, by way of the Holy Spirit who indwells you, to help you navigate the storms of life. Just like the captain of the Carnival ship I was on navigated us safely through, so will the Lord, and the best thing about the Lord is that He doesn’t need hi-tech equipment like ships need, all he needs is His voice. One word and peace comes. I guarantee if we just trust Him, we'll be able to do what Jesus did and sleep through some storms. Now, wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing??!!!