Conference 2020 -"Positioned for Wellness"

"Letting Go of Our Waterpot" John 4:28-29 

Greetings from Our WOW Founder and Conference Host

Praise God from whom all blessing flow! 

To all my WOW Sisters, we have pressed, persevered, and believed the promises of our Father that He would allow us this wellness journey together. 

I thank each of you for trusting and believing that our journey would be well worth all the sacrifice, time and treasure. So often we, as daughters of the King, will minister to everyone except ourselves! This evidently leaves us in the state of not being well; therefore, we cannot do well. Our main theme..."Getting Well At The Well" connected to the value and understanding of the Samaritan woman's journey to the well. Her initial encounter with the ultimate WELL provided her with eternal life and the on-going journey provided her with a quality life. Our 2016 Conference focused on No More Excuses, "For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities-His eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse" (Romans 1:20 - NIV). 

I am appreciative of our Father for allowing our time together as we know that the good work of wellness that He has started in us...He will see it through to completion! I encourage you all to not let anything / anyone distract or deter you from dipping deep into the Well of the Word or hinder your relationship with the Lord. Be willing to recognize what is keeping you from being well. Thus, be determined to do the work that is required to get well, and be relentless in utilizing everything that the Lord will provide you, through His Word, for the work of the ministry.

While on this journey, let us demonstrate a spirit of caring for and about one another, and let us refrain from any thoughts, words, or actions that would hurt instead of heal. Let our time together be an example of "well done thy good and faithful servant" for We are Sisters

It is my prayer that each of us would honestly seek the Lord's guidance in searching our hearts for those internal strongholds that manifest into external struggles. Moreover, let us be intentional with dropping our water pots of yesterday's hurts, disappointments, discouragements, and go back to our homes / families, communities, and places of worship and be diligently committed to the ministry assignments given to us by the Lord. We must be well, do well and minister well to be effective in our ministries.

With Much Love,

Forever-Your-Sister on the Journey of Wellness

Lady, Dale Sharpe-Lee

"...So that they are without excuse" Romans 1:20